About Tipsy Social

Tipsy Social is an award-winning strategic marketing and creative consulting agency, founded in 2016, that partners with businesses in the Hudson Valley and beyond to generate long-lasting growth and build genuine connections with their customers.

Our mission is to help businesses grow by implementing strategies and tools that work to better serve their customers and generate substantial brand equity.

Whether it be redesigning a website to meet the needs of today’s consumers or developing an ongoing marketing automation campaign to increase brand awareness, our goal is to keep businesses around for the long term. With Tipsy Social, business owners are choosing a partner who is dedicated to protecting and growing their brand while adapting and innovating at every step.

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SharpSpring Silver Partner
GoDaddy Pro Plus Member
NYS Minority Business Enterprise
2019 Best of Hudson Valley Winner
2018 Best of Hudson Valley Winner
2018 UpCity Top Agency

Tipsy Social Promise

As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of investing resources wisely and building trust with others who represent your interests. When you choose to work with Tipsy Social, we promise that you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to protecting and growing your brand.

    • Continuous Learning & Advancement
      Although our team is highly skilled and educated, we are committed to continuing that education to better understand our industry and that of your business.
    • Representative of Your Audience
      We understand our partner’s customers, because we are our partner’s customers. We will always be genuine fans of your business and that gives us a leg up against our competition.
    • Humored Realness
      Our regular hilarity need not be confused with a lack of seriousness. We mesh our humor with direct conversation and ‘realness’ that emphasizes the importance of our recommendations in growing your business.
    • Perfect Partnerships
      Working with us is a partnership, and in order for a true partnership to flourish, it has to be mutually beneficial. That’s why we promise to work with you to see if we are the right match for your business. If not, we will help find that perfect partner for you.