Brand Identity Design Done Right!

    Your brand is arguably the most important piece of your business plan. When done correctly, branding helps create an emotional connection between you and your audience. It aids in recognition, builds a sense of ownership, differentiates from the competition, and helps translate your company’s personality.

    Comprehensive brand identity includes names, logos, imagery, colors, typeface, iconography, guidelines, social handles, domains, terminology, and much more. Building your brand is much like building your business. It takes a combination of strategy, personality, research, and design to be successful.

    When you choose to #getwithtipsy for your brand identity, you are selecting a partner that works diligently to capture your essence and position you successfully within your market.

    How we build the best brands.

    The perfect brand isn’t just about great design, it’s also about the story. We use a holistic process that requires research, planning, and strategy. Throughout our brand identity process, we get to know you, your mission, your market, and your customers to deliver a comprehensive identity that helps you achieve marketing goals. In the end, you receive a full suite of branding assets ready to take to market.

    1. Creative Brief

    We start our brand identity process by formally meeting with you to gather all the necessary information needed to build your brand. We ask specific questions to identify what you like, what you don’t, and what resonates with you.

    2. Research & Discovery

    Once we know what you want, we begin our research and discovery process. First, we analyze your market, competitors, and target audience. Then, we use that information to discover current and future trends that might influence or inspire our positioning and design.

    3. Concept Development

    It’s time to begin building the initial brand identity concepts. These “rough drafts” are where we put our creativity on paper. From mild to wild, the concepts we initially develop and present help steer us in the right direction. Feedback gained during this phase helps us refine your new brand identity.

    4. Design & Distribute

    Empowered with feedback and direction, our designers get to work creating a robust brand identity. From your logo to your website, and everything in between, we bring your brand to life by giving it real-world applications. See how everything looks online, in print, or on the main stage, and collect feedback from your stakeholders.

    5. Feedback & Refinement

    Your brand identity is not complete until you are fully satisfied with it. We will work with you to collect feedback and refine your project. When we are finished, you will feel utterly confident in the brand identity and excited to put it to work.

    6. Finalize & Deliver Assets

    We’ve reached the end of our brand identity process – delivery. After completing any final changes, you’ll receive all assets included in your project. We deliver these assets in multiple file formats and give you access to a brand portal where you can easily access ready-to-use files anytime in the future.

    Our favorite branding work – so far.

    Much of our branding identity work is in helping organizations reestablish themselves within their markets. As we breathe new life into a brand, we are helping it realign itself – creating cohesion between what was, what is, and what will be. When you look through our featured projects, you’ll see the passion in our design and the process by which we make it happen.