2017 “Your Site Sucks” Award

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Tipsy Social Presents

The 2017 “Your Site Sucks” Award

There are a ton of reasons why having a good website for your business, organization, or personal brand is important. We live in a digital age where people are constantly searching for different products, reviewing options, and selecting businesses to work with via digital platforms. With websites being the biggest thing since the mobile phone, we’ve seen our share of terrible efforts. A sucky website can do more harm than good, and for some businesses, there seems to be a lack of follow through. 

That’s why we’ve created the “Your Site Sucks” Award. An award for a website that sucks beyond compare. The purpose is simple. One, it gives the business the kick in the *** they need to realize the importance of their website. Two, it’s a pretty funny award! However, in all seriousness, we want to ensure that a business is getting the most out of everything they have and not wasting time with something that just doesn’t work. 

The 2017 “Your Site Sucks” Award involves nominations given by real-life, non-technical web visitors. Anyone can enter a nominee they feel has a horrible website and deserves the award. Nominations for this year’s award begin on March 15th and will run through March 22nd. 

On March 23rd, we will publish a poll on our Facebook so that anyone can vote for which site they think sucks the worst. The site with the most votes wins at 5:59 PM EST on March 29th wins.

The winner of the 2017 “Your Site Sucks” Award will receive a

Congratulations to Our Winners

Two Buttons Deep

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5 thoughts on “2017 “Your Site Sucks” Award

  1. Diane Metz Reply

    Nominated our very sucky orange street cats Inc website! Only sorry I could tell the story of why it is so sucky and how deserving we are of a redo! Love you!

    • Tipsy Social Post authorReply

      Goodluck Diane! Make sure to invite your friends to also nominate your sucky site. Multiple nominations increase the chances of making the Top 5!

  2. Terri Miller Reply

    Good luck Orange Street Cats – there are times you have literally laid your lives on the line to save cats and if anyone deserves a helping hand with their website, you do!!!!

  3. Joanne Reply

    I just submitted my daily vote for OSC!! Hope they and the kitties they rescue are the winners!!

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