Glennpeter Jewelers


Albany Glennpeter Jewelers was looking to increase social media engagement and following in order to become competitive within the Capital Region market. Secondary, they requested to develop content that increased social media advertising engagement while reducing ad spend.

We designed two social media campaigns. The first, Show Your Love event, was used to increase the brand’s Instagram following. The second, 25 Diamond Days of Joy, was designed to convert the brand’s new following into paid consumers through highlighting products and promotions throughout December.

The Challenge

Social Media Challenge

A social media and a competitive audit were conducted and findings determined that the company was lacking engagement and following on Instagram. This platform is particularly important to the company as it is heavily dependent on visual content. Consumers in the client’s market make purchasing decisions based on urges, utilizing a visual component to highlight their products is pivotal in increases spur of the moment buying.

During the analysis, we also discovered that the client was not appropriately targeting their paid advertising content on Facebook to reach consumers who were most likely to engage and convert to customers.

The Solution

Social Media Solutions

The first solution was to create two distinct Instagram campaigns that would help drive engagement and following on Instagram through customer advocacy, and showcase product specials during the holiday season. The first of the campaigns, entitled “Show Your Love,” was used to prompt customers to showcase their favorite pieces for the client and to tell a story about why they love the product. Customers were instructed to tag the company and use the hashtag #iloveGPDC. This process increased consumer buy-in through peer advocacy and personal posting. Customers participated for a chance to win a 40-person wine tasting at the client’s location in Albany, NY.

The second campaign, entitled “25 Diamond Days of Joy,” was used to promote 25 different pieces of Jewelry each day from December 1ST through December 25TH. These items had crafted stories attached to their image and were offered at 20% off on the day they were showcased and 10% off the remainder of the campaign. The benefit of this campaign is that it ran concurrently with the end of the “Show Your Love” campaign to reach new followers of the brand.

To address the un-targeted paid advertising on Facebook, we developed a consumer profile and ran targeted ads throughout the client’s campaign. Each day the ads were re-targeted to ensure we were reaching the most appropriate audience. In the end, a targeted consumer profile was discovered for all future advertising.

The Results

  • +57.8% Instagram Following
  • +204% Instagram Engagement
  • +6152.6% Facebook Ad Engagement
  • Reduced Cost Per Reach to $0.008
  • Reduced Cost Per Engagement to $0.03
  • Reduced Ad Spend by $22.92
  • Organic Reach to Engagement Ratio 19:1
  • Paid Reach to Engagement Ratio 3:1

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