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Our content campaign for Publick House began on October 10, 2017 and concluded on January 31, 2018. The results from that time period, compared to the 10 months prior, reflect a tremendous increase in content delivery, as well as, modest increase in Facebook impressions, following and engagement.

The Challenge

Social Media Challenge

Publick House approached Tipsy Social looking to enhance their social media presence. They had established Instagram and Facebook profiles with large followings but saw little results in terms of engagement. Public House turned to Tipsy Social to increase the engagement with their following that would result in organic growth of brand awareness and customer retention, while also increasing brand value through customer advocacy.

The Solution

Social Media Solutions

Our solutions, although relatively simple, required an intense effort in content development, consumer interaction, and strategy. Publick House was unable to dedicate adequate time to their social media efforts and needed heavy assistance from us. We decided the best way to meet their goals was to increase the amount of content delivered, deliver content at a regular interval, and to create a strategy that dedicated the type of content offered to the platform it was delivered.

Our efforts on Facebook included a mixture of static image posts that offered graphic additions to plain text information, videos of performers and live events, pictures of staff, specials notifications, contests, and more. We conducted an interior photo shoot to obtain elements for graphic posts, attended many events to capture videos and photos, and posted live feeds during performances and announcements.

Instagram, the least utilized of their platforms, had almost no posts during the previous ten months. We took this platform and instituted a visual content strategy that aligned the brand’s efforts to create new customer experiences, like new drink menus and specials, with graphic elements that would appeal to their audience. Additionally, we regularly captured live elements to post to the company’s Instagram Story and to showcase what was happening at any given time.

The Results

  • +7.2% Facebook Fans
  • 3,571 Facebook Engagements
  • 169 Facebook Link Clicks
  • 267K Facebook Impressions
  • 1,151 Daily Impressions
  • 4,561 Instagram Engagements

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