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    Tourism, Placemaking, and Digital Marketing: An Interconnected Trio

    Canoes at Winding Hills Park, Diamond Lake in Montgomery NY

    Tourism, placemaking, and digital marketing form a powerful triad in the promotion of a location. Our article explores their intricate interplay, showcasing real-world examples from the High Line in New York City, the Pure Michigan campaign, and the revitalization of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Discover how these elements create vibrant, inviting destinations that appeal to both locals and tourists.

    Celebrating Pride Month: A Personal Commitment to Supporting Local and National LGBTQ+ Organizations

    Diverse group of young people celebrating gay pride festival day

    Each June, we celebrate Pride Month, recognizing the progress made for LGBTQ+ rights and acknowledging the work yet to be done. For us at Tipsy Social, led by a gay man and member of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, it’s not just about celebrating—it’s about contributing. This article shines a spotlight on local and national organizations working tirelessly to advance LGBTQ+ causes. Join us in supporting them, not only this month but all year round.

    Small Business Month in the Hudson Valley

    Small Business in the Hudson Valley

    We’re excited to celebrate Small Business Month (#smallbusinessmonth) during the month of May and National Small Business Week (#nationalsmallbusinessweek) May 5-11, 2019 at Tipsy Social! As the Hudson Valley’s small business marketing specialists, you can imagine our excitement. An entire month dedicated to celebrating the greatest places that are making an impact in our area. We’ve polled the Tipsy Marketers and here are some great places you need to visit.