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    It’s Time to Think Holiday Advertising for Winter 2023

    Sale banner and advertise frame in the shopping department store

    Plan ahead for your holiday advertising campaigns and ensure success in the 2023 winter season. Dive deep into the significance of early preparation, combining effective strategy and creativity, and understand the role of media buying in amplifying your campaign’s impact. Get ahead of your competitors with our essential guide.

    Marketing for New York’s Legal Cannabis Brands

    Young female smoking joint with cannabis while playing on music instruments at home with friends

    In the budding era of legal cannabis in New York State, understanding the intricacies of digital and traditional marketing is key for brands to thrive. From navigating stringent regulations to building a powerful brand that cultivates customer loyalty, our article provides the insights you need to effectively market in this exciting new industry.

    Navigating the Marketing Maze: Investing in Marketing During Economic Uncertainty

    Black man working from home using economic uncertainty data

    Economic uncertainty can be a challenging time for businesses, often leading to budget cuts and resource constraints. One area that frequently comes under scrutiny during such times is marketing. However, investing in marketing during periods of economic uncertainty can be a strategic move to maintain brand visibility, retain customers, and even gain market share.

    Tipsy Social Comes Out on Top at the 27th Annual Communicator Awards

    Communicator Award Winners

    The winners of the 27th Annual Communicator Awards have officially been announced by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. Tipsy Social was among those who received the Award of Excellence for TetraNeuroNet’s (Kingston, NY) website redesign. Tipsy Social also went on to win two Awards of Distinction for content marketing work done on behalf of Melzingah Tap House (Beacon, NY) and Publick House 23 (Pleasant Valley, NY).