Content Strategy and Copywriting


    Written Content with Purpose

    We develop high-quality and engaging content that is custom tailored to interest your audience. Our services utilize consumer research, SEO keywords, competitive analysis findings, psychological and sociological theories, and marketing techniques. Our copy goes far beyond words on a page.

    • Generate interest from your audience.
    • Build your business's legitimacy.
    • Gain market share through growing subject authority.
    • Increase reach through shareable content.

    Where Can We Optimize Your Copy?

    Authority Articles
    Authority Articles provide credibility to your business by showcasing your industry expertise. These elements work towards engaging other professionals in your industry, as well as, educating the general public about your business’s products/services.
    Blog Posts
    Blog content involves developing a strategy and researching popular topics in your industry. We then craft comprehensive articles, including multiple media elements, that provide information, insight, credibility, and purpose to your audience.
    Social Media Content
    Every social media platform provides for a different user experience. Ensuring that your content falls within those expected parameters and is still interesting enough to obtain engagement takes strategy. We create viral content that links back to your business giving you increased exposure.
    Press Releases
    Press Releases offer summarized statements to the media or public, on behalf of your company, that explains a specific matter. Press Releases are great for big changes to a business, grand openings, partnerships, special events, and much more. We craft these messages with media in mind and ensure the information is presented in a manner that provides ease to those who read it.
    Website Copy
    Website content is the text, images, sounds, videos, or animations that a user encounters as part of their experience on your website. We craft this content to build your brand’s legitimacy and to help capture and convert your viewers throughout their time on your website.
    Internal & External Communications
    All communications sent on behalf of your company resonate a specific message and theme. We help create content that is consistent with your brand voice while obtaining the intended result. Internal Communications can be staff emails, policies & procedures, memorandums, etc. External Communications can be emails, newsletters, legal documents, mailers, annual reports, etc.

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    ``I use Tipsy for my website content. Andrew always delivers written content quickly, and it's exactly what I'm looking for and need on my sites... easy to read for my customers and grabs attention, helping the overall experience on my sites and complimenting the design and layout!`` - Julie Moscheo, Jewels Design Studio