Digital Marketing Audits & Strategic Recommendations

    Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audits to Help Your Business Dominate the Internet

    A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive and custom report that should be used by your organization to leverage digital resources to effectively meet strategic goals. Our Digital Marketing Audits go far beyond the automated generation of a report. Instead, our experts work to analyze your efforts both quantitatively and qualitatively to identify areas to pursue and address. We use our analysis to then formulate actionable recommendations that your organization can take to more effectively use the power of the internet.

    Our digital marketing audits include key fundamental components that are the foundation for a successful digital marketing strategy. In addition, to create an even more robust audit, we provide additional components that can be added to your overall digital marketing audit.

    Digital Marketing Audits & Services

    Digital Marketing Audit Components

    Quantitative Analysis
    The quantitative analysis of your digital portfolio allows our experts to gain access to your most-used digital platforms and use analytics to formulate recommendations on what it, or is not, working. Through the lens of metrics, we look at efforts on platforms like Google Analytics, PPC ad reports, social media metrics, historic SEO ranking data, CRM data and reports, and e-commerce purchasing data.
    Qualitative Analysis
    Our experts take a critical look at your digital landscape against industry best practices and standards. Our qualitative analysis takes a look at areas like website design and user experience (UX), calls to action, brand congruence and messaging, social media content, email content and messaging, lead generation forms and accessibility, and e-commerce information and experience.
    Brief Competitive Analysis
    A comparative analysis of your digital efforts against your identified competitors. A competitor analysis can reveal areas that your business can take advantage of to help differentiate and gain additional market share.
    Priority Recommendations
    Priority recommendations highlight the immediate steps you can take to build upon the positive and address any negative elements that we identify during our analysis.
    Channel Breakdown
    A breakdown of your digital marketing efforts by channel. This gives you a clear and big picture view of the tools you are using, their purpose, and their effectiveness.
    Multi-Channel Tactics
    Tactical recommendations made for your primary digital channels that may include things like keyword strategy, content medium strategy, content type recommendations, call to actions, where to increase or decrease focus, messaging recommendations, software suggestions, and more.
    Website Crawl
    A comprehensive website crawl can shed light on areas that your website is doing well or need to be addressed. Some items include identifying broken links, providing information on SEO performance, recommendations on speed optimization, identifying keyword ranking and backlinks, and much more.
    Long-term Strategy
    Based on audit findings, we’ll put together a comprehensive long-term strategy that can be used as a framework for building your digital marketing efforts. A Long-Term Strategy takes a holistic look at the market and your business and generates a forward-thinking strategy to guide your business.
    Two-year Timeline
    A high-level strategic timeline for roughly the next two years that gives you recommendations on key areas of investment for your business. Whether it be a website redesign or lead generation campaign, a strategic timeline that aligns with your business goals is a great value add to your digital audit.
    Key Performance Indicators
    We identify key performance metrics you should be aware of and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of your ongoing, or long-term, strategy. In many cases, we can also provide realistic target goals for each KPI.
    Accessibility Audit
    We’ll analyze the accessibility of your digital marketing efforts and make recommendations to remove barriers to access for people living with disabilities. This is important for companies where digital accessibility compliance is a federal requirement.
    Internal Governance Audit
    Through interviewing and observing your internal digital marketing processes, we make observations and recommendations on how you can improve your organizational structure, team members skills, job roles, project management, and quality assurance procedures.
    Internal Use of Digital Assets Audit
    We’ll audit your internal use of technology and make recommendations on communication, project management, team software, and more to ensure efficiency in your internal processes.