Email Marketing

Result-Oriented Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are more than just automating emails to your customers. Our email marketing solutions involve intense research and strategy design way before an email is ever created. We follow a proven process that ensures your customers don’t just receive your email, but open them, read them, and covert from them. You are, after all, sending an email for a reason.

  • ­Strategies that fit your audience & industry.­
  • ­Emails designed & written with intent.
  • ­Data & analytics reporting.

Our simple & affordable monthly email marketing plans are all-inclusive and designed to accommodate small businesses at any point in their email marketing journey. Whether you’re looking to start building your email lists and executing monthly email newsletters or are ramping up your efforts and want to target a customer segment that has not visited in a while, we can help.

Our Email Marketing Process

The email marketing process is about identifying goals and developing campaigns that make them a reality.


The initial phase of our email marketing process is discovering the small business goals and intended outcome from our efforts. We then analyze work to identify their target audience, audience behavior, and ways in which the audience chooses to participate with the brand currently. This information goes a long way in determining our efforts moving forward, as well as, speeds up our strategy and design process. Discover Email Marketing


Once we’ve developed a clear understanding of small business goals and the target audience we begin to strategize the most effective way to reach the target audience, deliver the campaign messaging, and ensure conversion is optimal. The strategy phase is commonly where we identify how we can accomplish goals, ways in which messaging can play a key role, and when and how often those messages should be delivered to the target audience. Email Marketing Strategy


The design phase is exactly what it sounds like. In this step, we creatively design how each email message will be structured and the look and feel each section will have in order to accomplish our strategic goals. Every email has a purpose and the design phase helps to ensure, without being overtly obvious, we navigate the reader towards completing our intended outcome while also giving them something appealing to look at and read through. Email Marketing Design


Once the email is designed, it’s now time to integrate the content (or messaging) that is expected from the audience, as well as, important in converting or completing the goal outcome. For example, monthly newsletters generally have a standard design or format that is updated with new content relative to the month in which it is sent. This gives users an idea of what to expect, while also making it easier for the business to get results. Email Marketing Content


A job well done is only as good as the results. We run comprehensive analytics reports that provide important information on how the audience participates with the emails they receive. Information such as open rates, conversions, button clicks, sales, and more all helps shape the way in which future emails are created and sent, as well as, which viewers require more or less contact. Email Marketing Reporting