2018 Angels of Light Giving Tree

    Angels of Light Tree

    Help us Support a Hudson Valley Family this Holiday.

    We’ve partnered with Angels of Light this holiday season to help support a family facing a life-threatening disease! Shawn, wife & mother of two, is sadly battling Stage 4 Liver Cancer and we’re so humbled to be able to help bring a smile to her children’s faces during such a disheartening time.

    Our tree is helping collect gifts for Abigail (13) this year, and we need your help in doing so! Since we’re a digital agency, we’re asking our families, friends, followers, and partners to support our efforts by selecting an item from our Giving Tree list and purchasing it either online or in-person and sending it our way to be properly perched under our in-house giving tree.

    We know we can count on the Tipsy fam to help us support this local Hudson Valley family. Simply find an item, make the purchase, and send it our way. Once we get it, we’ll post your name/business on our social media along with the gift you’ve purchased. We’ll also remove items from our tree as they come in. Help us #trimthetree this season and fill up Santa’s holiday sac for Abigail! #staytipsyhv

    Angels of Light Hudson Valley

    A Message from Shawn:

    I was diagnosed in May 2014 with terminal liver cancer. I never smoked, drank or experimented with drugs. It’s simple what I was handed. So we fight through every day together and figure out any lessons we can.

    As young caregivers, Nicole & Abigail were just 8 and 11 years old when I was diagnosed. Dad had cancer as well when they were very little, maybe 2 and 5 years old, but he has thankfully been a survivor now for nearly 12 years.

    It’s been a crazy, unpredictable, emotional journey. Cancer has since spread to my lungs and previously my brain. I currently have roughly 22 tumors in my lungs and 4 on my liver. I have been receiving weekly chemo now for 4 years, and will indefinitely.

    These girls have been selfless and unconditionally supportive to me all while trying to live happy well-rounded lives. We walk on eggshells it feels like some days in constant fear. Yet they excel in school and continue to help me with grace and a smile.

    We have had an amazing 26 years together as a couple!! Our little family loves to laugh and make the best of every day. We all love Disney World, playing cards, and like to take day trips when we can, always with the intention of creating lasting memories.

    Nikki is learning to drive, a talented artist and loves Andes Candies. Abby a straight-A student who loves Slim Jims, passionate about cooking, and will most likely become a teacher. Her self-discipline is incredible.

    My ultimate goal is seeing the girls smile and know that what we have done with them stays with them always, and heals their souls as time goes on.

    We are eternally grateful for the love and support we continue to receive. Thank you.

    Angels of Light 2018

    Abigail’s (13) Christmas Wishlist

    Abigail’s (13) Likes

    • The colors Black, White, & Yellow
    • YouTube stars James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, and Dolan Twins
    • Harry Potter
    • Ariana Grande & Sean Mendes
    • Cooking
    • Makeup
    • Charcoal Drawing
    • Slim Jims
    • Disney Christmas Stuff

    Items purchased can be shipped to Tipsy Social, PO Box 278, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569. Digital gift cards can be emailed to

    Please notify us if you are purchasing an item and do not believe it will be delivered before Christmas. Any questions or concerns can be directed to

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