Social Media Marketing

Build Real Relationships with Social Media Marketing

At Tipsy Social, our social media marketing solutions help establish a mutually beneficial connection between a business and its audience. Social Media is a two-way communication medium and businesses need strong strategy to identify ways in which to engage their audience, collect data, and increase their customer base.

  • ­Content designed to represent your brand voice and give your business personality.
  • ­Media pieces expertly crafted to give a visual component to your social media.
  • ­Posting with a purpose and consistent engagement with your audience.

Our Social Media Marketing solutions offer tremendous possibilities for small business. When used strategically, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can be used to accomplish major marketing goals. The best part about working with us on your social media marketing is that we root our strategies in theoretical marketing, research, and consumer behavior. To us, it is more than just building a following. After all, what good is having a following if they don’t buy from you?

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Case Studies

Albany Social Media Marketing

Glennpeter Jewelers

Albany Glennpeter Jewelers was looking to increase social media engagement and following in order to become competitive within the Capital Region market. Secondary, they requested to develop content that increased social media advertising engagement while reducing ad spend.

Public House 23

Publick House 23

Our content campaign for Publick House began on October 10, 2017 and concluded on January 31, 2018. The results from that time period, compared to the 10 months prior, reflect a tremendous increase in content delivery, as well as, modest increase in Facebook impressions, following and engagement.