Influencer Outreach & Management Solutions

Influencer marketing is when a business focuses their efforts on developing relationships with key individuals who can help promote their brand to the target audience. Our Influencer Outreach & Management Solutions allows us to identify key influencers for your target audience, create a connection on your business's behalf, and develop agreements and deliverables for these individuals. 

Influencers can help give your products/services legitimacy amongst their following, helping to advocate for your business through regular mediums. Influencers can be social media accounts with large followings, local "celebrities," specialists in your industry, other relatable business professionals, and much more.

Our Approach

Identify Potential Influencers

Reach Out & Discuss Your Business

Negotiate A Mutually Beneficial Agreement

Manage Performance & Follow Up Regularly

Influencers can be found in many different mediums and are regularly interested in the potential to advocate for a brand. In most cases, compensation to influencers doesn't have to be monetary and can instead be complementary products or services, assistance with building their personal brand, and bridging connections with other networks.

Ready to get started?

Andrew and his team surpassed all expectations and have sponsored our very first Banner. We are so grateful and thrilled with our banner! Thank you again for your amazing work, quick communication, and sincere customer relations. 5+ stars in my book.
Kristen Haugh
President, Albany High School PTSA

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