Integrated Communication Solutions

As an integrated marketing company we see marketing solutions as a holistic plan to accomplish business goals. This concept is born from integrated marketing communications in which all external communication and messaging are linked together to accomplish business goals. Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC, means integrating all the promotional tools so that they work together harmoniously. 

Our integrated communication solutions are perfect for the company looking to engage consumers through messaging that speaks to their physical, emotional, psychological, sociological, and cultural needs.

IMC Elements


The IMC uses a slew of communication media to accomplish its goals. Advertising to raises awareness and generates leads. Press information reinforces the advertising awareness and expands on the information. Direct mail or email provides a method to followup on the advertisements or to provide more information. Sales teams help move leads through the sales funnel. Websites allow for a single reference point for prospects to find more information or sign up. Email campaigns maintain contact with consumers and build relationships with prospects.

Consistent Messaging

Consistent messaging is the foundation of the IMC. It guides all communications, regardless the media. The copy style, brand voice, and message should remain consistent throughout the IMC so that prospects can easily follow the process and receive the same description and benefit statements.

Design Consistency

Design consistency is also important. Utilizing the same colors, photographs, videos, animations, and other visual elements reinforces the campaign messages and the overall benefits of the product. 

An added benefit to consistency in design is the reduction of cost associated with creating new visual elements.


Reinforcement is key. The purpose of an IMC is to reinforce the key messages to accomplish objectives and deliver results. Each element of the IMC should link to another and vice versa. At any point in the process a prospect should be able to convert, and if not, should easily follow into the next phase of the plan.

Sales Alignment

What good is the plan if it doesn't align with your sales funnel? Sales alignment identifies each part of the IMC and its respective step in the sales funnel. From advertising to prospect and email recipient to lead, the IMC and Sales process should align perfectly. 

Linking Promotional Tools



Public Relations

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