Enjoying the Ride; A Rail Trail Tail

    Bike on Hudson Valley Rail Trail

    Exploring the Hudson Valley Rail Trail

    It was a beautiful June weekend when I rented two bikes for my girlfriend and me to take on a favorite place of mine, the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. What began at the trail entrance near Gold’s Gym on Titusville Road, ended up as a 14-mile round trip of laughs, sights, and a little reminder of the toll an Upstate Winter takes on the body.

    It was my girlfriend’s first experience on the Rail Trail, and as we biked along, I was reminded of my first time. It was like teleporting back to my childhood. When things were simpler, easier, and all that I could see through my innocence was the amazing possibilities life had to offer.

    When we finished our trip exhausted, yet strangely rejuvenated, we realized how fantastic it was to unplug and spend time together outdoors. As we age, life gets complicated and messy. We spend entire days stressing over work and all the things that need to be done. That one weekend in June reminded me that life does have so much to offer, especially in the Hudson Valley, and that it’s not always about where we’re going, sometimes it’s simply about enjoying the ride.

    The Hudson Valley Rail Trail is a paved 4-mile east–west rail trail in the town of Lloyd in Ulster County, New York, stretching from the Hudson River through the hamlet of Highland. The trail was originally part of the Poughkeepsie Bridge Route, a rail corridor that crossed the Hudson via the Poughkeepsie Bridge.

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