Tourism, Placemaking, and Digital Marketing: An Interconnected Trio

    Canoes at Winding Hills Park, Diamond Lake in Montgomery NY

    Tourism, placemaking, and digital marketing are unique elements that, when combined, can create a powerful synergy to promote a destination. This interconnected trio has the power to shape and promote vibrant, attractive locations that not only appeal to tourists but also foster a strong sense of community among locals.

    The Interplay of Tourism, Placemaking, and Digital Marketing

    Tourism brings people and economic activity to a destination, contributing to local businesses and community vitality. Placemaking involves designing a city or town’s physical and social character to promote people’s health, happiness, and engagement. Digital marketing is the thread that weaves these elements together, showcasing a destination’s unique features and attracting visitors.

    Placemaking and Digital Marketing in Action: The High Line, New York City

    A prime example of placemaking is New York City’s High Line, an elevated railway track converted into a vibrant public park. This urban revitalization project transformed a previously unused space into a major city attraction, boasting beautiful gardens, outdoor art installations, and breathtaking city views.


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    The High Line’s digital marketing strategy is equally impressive. Through its engaging website and active social media presence, the High Line shares stunning photographs, updates on art installations and events, and stories from the park, enticing both locals and tourists to visit.

    Leveraging Tourism and Digital Marketing: Pure Michigan Campaign

    The Pure Michigan campaign is a superb example of how digital marketing can boost tourism. The campaign utilizes stunning photography and videography shared across its website and social media platforms to highlight Michigan’s diverse destinations—from bustling cities to serene landscapes.

    In addition to beautiful visuals, the campaign also provides practical information like travel tips and event calendars, making it easier for tourists to plan their visit. The results have been impressive, with the campaign reportedly generating millions of out-of-state trips to Michigan and providing a significant boost to the local economy.

    Combining Placemaking, Tourism, and Digital Marketing: Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a city that effectively combines placemaking, tourism, and digital marketing. Over the past decades, Chattanooga has invested in placemaking efforts such as the revitalization of its riverfront, the development of an arts district, and the creation of numerous public spaces and parks.

    To promote these attractions and boost tourism, the city leverages digital marketing. Its “Visit Chattanooga” campaign uses an interactive website, vibrant social media content, and targeted online advertisements to attract visitors. This approach showcases the city’s unique offerings, from outdoor adventures to cultural attractions, compelling tourists to experience Chattanooga’s transformation first-hand.

    When intertwined effectively, tourism, placemaking, and digital marketing form a potent combination that enhances destinations’ appeal. Placemaking shapes spaces people love, tourism brings people to these spaces, and digital marketing ensures these spaces are known and inviting to potential visitors. These real-world examples illustrate the immense potential this synergy holds for cities and towns aiming to boost their appeal, enhance community wellbeing, and stimulate economic activity.

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