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A company's Marketing Mix has four basic elements. These are called the "four P's," Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. All together, these elements guide the successful communication to the target market. Our Marketing Mix Solutions allow you to focus on the development of your product/service while worry about putting it in front of your audience and getting them to buy.

The Four P's

Product, Price, Place, & Promotion


Product refers to the goods or services a business supplies. We analyze the product lifecycle and establish strategies to address each stage. This also involves identifying the type of product/service, the problem it solves, the packaging of the product, etc.


Price refers to the strategic cost associated with a product or service. This accounts for cost fluctuation, seasonal demand shifts, cost of distribution, and more. It also includes strategic pricing based on theoretical practices to increase demand, address competition, etc.


Placement, sometimes referred to as Distribution, is the process of identifying the most appropriate means of getting a product in front of potential consumers. This can mean placing products in targeted stores, specific display areas, on television, blogs, or websites, etc.


Promotion Strategy is the final process of the marketing mix in which we develop a plan to make the product visible and more appealing to buyers. This can involve coupons or discounts, branded promotional products, product bundling, distributor discounts, etc.

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