Meet Meghan!

    Meghan Van Wart Tipsy Social Website Developer

    Hi, I’m Meghan, the new Junior Website Developer here at Tipsy Social.

    In the past, I have worked at Bouvier Insurance as a marketing and web development intern, and The Connecticut Science Center where I worked closely with the Marketing and Website Coordinator. At the CT Science Center, I was introduced to Bootstrap and discovered my love for website development.

    I attended Endicott College in MA where I began studying communication. I switched to computer science after completing Intro to Programming and continued to study communication as my minor. I am excited to pull together my skills from both fields of study, to continue to grow as a developer, and to bring our partners’ visions to life.

    Our small, but mighty, team works together to bring our partners’ fantastic results. The culture of working at a small business means everyone’s voice is heard, and collaboration is key, which is what drew me to Tipsy Social.

    I am following both of my dreams working as a web developer and working with animals at a daycare/boarding facility in an animal hospital. My ultimate life goal is to live in a house so I can finally get a dog (or two, or three).

    When I am not working, you can find me going on mini adventures (as I get older, the adventures get smaller. Pictured above is me petting a stray cat in Greece), practicing photography (usually on pets), or playing video games (Breath of the Wild is so good that I had to name my cat Link). I am excited to start helping small businesses in the Hudson Valley dominate the internet.


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    Meghan V.

    Bada*s girl who codes. Expertly positioning businesses and their messaging for success online. Amateur photographer, animal lover, and Oxford comma enthusiast.