Meet Shelby!

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    My name is Shelby, some refer to me as Shelb, Shlub, Shell, the possibilities are endless and it’s really up to you on how you want to address me (I don’t discriminate). It is with great pleasure to announce my joining of the Tipsy Team as a Brand Strategist.

    Born and raised in one of the SMALLEST towns in the Hudson Valley (Amenia, NY), it only makes sense that I have chosen to work with a marketing company who values small businesses. In fact, it is the close-knit, client-to-marketer relationship Tipsy builds with its’ clients that drew me most to this position.

    I am a recent college graduate with experience in public relations, advertising, digital marketing and hospitality. The hospitality internship came into play when I had hoped to be Jenifer Lopez in the movie The Wedding Planner (lets just say real-life wedding planning is nothing like the movie). This epic failure or a career choice ended up being the perfect stepping stone to my passion for all things marketing.

    Off the job, you will find me on some type of adventure (my most memorable one being the time I lived in Athens, Greece). If I could travel every day for the rest of my life I definitely would.

    Catch me riding out my newest adventure as the Brand Strategist for Tipsy Social, it won’t be one to miss.


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    I have a passion for all things digital marketing. I lived in Greece for a few months, enjoy a little adventure, and love a good dive bar. You'll likely find me outdoors, typing away on my laptop, sipping on a grapefruit LaCroix.