Strikes for Scholars: It’s the Effort that Counts

    Tipsy Social Strikes for Scholars Bowling Team

    We Took on Strikes for Scholars…

    …and were not prepared! Who knew that the Strikes for Scholars Bowling Tournament, held by the Hudson Valley Young Professionals and benefitting The Chamber Foundation, was a “serious” bowling tournament? Not the Tipsy Marketers!

    ‘Twas a cool Sunday afternoon when the Tipsy Marketers strolled into Fishkill Bowl with their eyes on a first-place prize. We had swagger, a youthful glow, and Shelby‘s boyfriend even had his own bowling balls. But alas, we were not prepared for the sheer talent and tenacity of the competition.

    Teams arrived in matching shirts, and custom bowling bags rolled around like tourists at Woodbury Commons. It was definitely an unexpected surprise for the Tipsy Marketers, but we still bowled, beered, and had a fantastic time.

    The winner on our team? Tipsy, a combination of all of us bowling equally. In second? Justin, Shelby’s love. Third? Shelby. Fourth went to Dr. Spera. Finally, bringing up the rear, but responsible for growing (and paying for) the bar tab, Andrew.

    Next year we’re planning on taking it a lot more serious! Custom shirts, custom bags, maybe even custom bowling balls. Plus, we’re going to have a mandatory beers and bowl practice leading up to the big event. We will not leave empty-handed. Even if that just means carrying our custom bags and what’s left of our pride.

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