Partner Reviews

Attention to Detail is Impressive

We used Tipsy Social to create a web page for our business. We could not be more thrilled with the new site. The attention to detail is impressive. It is user-friendly, informative, and clean. If you think creating a website is a time-consuming process, I recommend hiring Tipsy. They created everything with little input from me due to my busy schedule. The entire page is exactly what we were looking for. The industry-specific text, pictures, and descriptions would make you think they operate the same type of business! We highly recommend them and we will certainly be using more of their services in the future.

Fast & Outstanding

My experience with Tipsy Social was absolutely fantastic, very professional, helpful and their work was not only fast but outstanding. I definitely would use them without hesitation again. Great people! Give them a call you will be glad you did. Tell them Treatie Beatie Cakes by Evelyn sent you.

Professional & On-the-Ball

What makes Tipsy Social a 5+ Star Rated Business, is how professional and on-the-ball they are. They not only listen to your wants/needs and likes/dislikes, they incorporate their marketing skills and strategies to truly catch the attention of the intended audience. We can’t thank them enough for donating this website to our Non-Profit. They did not cut corners and built this site to its entirety, just like every one of their other customers. The turn around time was more than incredible as well. Again, we can’t thank Tipsy Social enough and would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of their services and expertise!

100% Fantastic

I wish I could select something higher than 5 stars because that is what Tipsy Social deserves! I needed an overhaul for my social media and my website. Andrew went above and beyond for my social media accounts, driving up my sales with his unique ideas and fun contests that engage my customers. His photographs are stunning and there is always a witty charm that goes with it!

I could not be happier with my new website that he created. It’s easy to navigate through and he did exactly what I asked for and more. His ideas were awesome.

Now, for the best thing of all. Andrew’s response time is unbelievable. When I ask him for something (which is a lot) it’s done within seconds, literally seconds.

I can’t believe that I waited this long to choose Tipsy Social as marketing media guru! 100% FANTASTIC

Exceeded My Expectations

The team at Tipsy Social absolutely EXCEEDED my expectations and continues to do so! I had a wonderful time working with them, and they were able to add every single element that I requested (which was a lot!) without hesitation! They are professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. Not only that, but every request was completed almost immediately. I can’t say enough positive about my experience – absolutely recommend Tipsy Social for any of your business needs!!

Andrew Always Delivers

I use Tipsy for my website content. Andrew always delivers written content quickly, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for and need on my sites… easy to read for my customers and grabs attention, helping the overall experience on my sites and complimenting the design and layout!

Took Us From Unknown to Well-Known

Tipsy Social is amazing. They helped take us from a brand new program with no following to a program that is a model for the state. Their dedication, and the time they spent to really understand our vision and what we wanted to do, helped take us for unknown to well-known.

Worth Every Penny & More

Tipsy Social was a dream partner for overhauling our website. Andrew, our contact on the team, was totally available and helpful to us throughout the entire process, from design to launch, and continues to be for post-launch support. I’ve already recommended Tipsy Social to a colleague in need of a new site. Worth every penny and more!

Super Helpful

Tipsy Media was great in helping our company develop branded social media pages. Would definitely work with again.

Talented, Nice People

When you have only worked with one company for your website creation since the birth of your business it is a REALLY hard thing to trust a new person to create your website and make changes to the existing brand you created. Andrew was so kind and friendly and funny on the phone and slowly was gaining my trust – but I had to meet in person to really get a feel for the person I was doing business with on such an important part of my business. He came in to meet me and was such a nice person – completely gained my trust and after a brief conversation, I felt he understood my vision and the culture of my business.

The website was created so quickly and it is fabulous! He added elements that were not on my previous site making it a more useful interactive place for my clients to visit. He is so responsive to emails and communications and is hyper-vigilant about maintaining the site’s security and catches issues even before they happen. It is truly such a huge decision to have a company create your brand online and I am a slow decision maker and huge researcher and I promise you – work with this company you will be thrilled with their service and talent and truly they are just such nice people. Thank you Tipsy!