Local Non-Profit Gets a Much-Needed Digital Makeover

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Thanks to Albany startup, Orange Street Cats will receive a new website.

Albany, NY, March 24, 2017:  Tipsy Social, a marketing startup in Albany, NY, is donating a much-needed website to Orange Street Cats, a non-profit agency in the Capital District that works to rescue, foster, and adopt the homeless cat population. Tipsy Social recently ran a contest called the 2017 “Your Site Sucks” Award in which nominees had the chance to win a new website design and one year of digital maintenance. When the nominations started flowing for Orange Street Cats, Founder & CEO, Andrew Mendez knew there had to be something special about this organization.

“I used to work with Diane Metz [Board Chair of OSC] and I knew she was always involved in helping local animals, but never to this extent. Once I saw that she was involved and learned more about their cause, I knew we had to find a way to ensure they received a new website – no chances.”     – Andrew Mendez, Founder & CEO, Tipsy Social

Orange Street Cats received over 100 nominations for the award.

“We are all so humbled and grateful for what Andrew and Tipsy Social are doing for us. It’s hard being a small organization with limited funding and we knew our website was abysmal, but it just wasn’t something we had the money or time to get to. We know that with the new website, we’ll be able to get more attention and hopefully more donors.” –Diane Metz, Board Chair, Orange Street Cats

If you’d like to learn more about Orange Street Cats and the great work they are doing in the community visit their website www.orangestreetcats.org. They hope to launch their new website at the beginning of May 2017.

From now until April 1st,
we’re donating 10% of Tipsy Swag Shop sales to OSC!

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10 thoughts on “Local Non-Profit Gets a Much-Needed Digital Makeover

  1. Lissa D'Aquanni Reply

    Thank you for doing this – and best of luck with your new venture. If you need any business counseling, please let us know at the Community Loan Fund. We provide free training and technical assistance to local nonprofits and micro-entrepreneurs. We’re here to help you succeed – and truly appreciate you helping OSC succeed!

  2. Julie Carvill Reply

    Thank you! This wonderful organization saved my cat Caroline!

  3. Christine Thompson Reply

    Three of my babies are from Orange Street. They’re an amazing group of people and I’m so happy you’re doing this for them! Thank you Tipsy Social!!

  4. Kate Tumbleson Reply

    Thank you so much for your generosity to Orange Street Cats! The Board & our volunteers are very happy about the fantastic new website design supporting our efforts to rescue & place cats & kittens in need.

  5. Veronica Lyons Reply

    Cannot thank you enough for offering your services to such an inspiring and deserving rescue organization. OSC takes in the cats that no one else will…the elderly, those in need of extensive veterinary care, the ones that need a bit more patience and understanding. Your gift will be a huge help to those of use who are trying to help the cats that are forgotten or overlooked, but that are as worthy (if not more) than the furry kittens everyone oohs and aahs about. On their behalf, I thank you again.

  6. Suzanne Cardinal Reply

    Thank you, Tipsy Social! Orange Street Cats is such a wonderful organization!

  7. Andrea Small Reply

    Thank you! OSC is an outstanding organization. I am a regular donor and I adopted my precious Pippin from OSC four years ago. Can’t think of a more worthy organization!

  8. Patricia Light Reply

    well deserved! I do hope they keep that pic of the actual Orange Street moment, it was the beginning of something so monumental

  9. Barb McNamee Reply

    Thank you so much for making this possible. Orange Street Cats is an amazing rescue with amazing, caring people who go above and beyond to help all cats!

  10. Joanne Martinez Reply

    This is wonderful news for an outstanding organization! I support their many endeavors as much as possible and hope to do even more in the future. I think we need to throw a website launch party when their new page goes live!!

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