Three Must-Listen Podcasts for Small Business Owners

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Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners

In the past few years, it feels like everyone I know has started listening to podcasts. I’ve been hearing about certain podcasts that people love and have become obsessed with, so I had to do some searching. I’ve found a few podcasts that are taking off and want to share why. Here are the best podcasts for small business owners that I love: What Works, The Science of Social Media, and The Marketing Companion.

What Works by Tara McMullin

The What Works podcast is a weekly show that dives into how small businesses REALLY work. Founder Tara McMullin talks with a small business owner each week and asks them all of the nitty-gritty questions on what is actually working for their businesses! Tara doesn’t hold back and asks about how they manage their marketing, money, operations, team-building, growth, or personal leadership.

What Works has even evolved into a network that small businesses can join to receive monthly events to guide and support their businesses, gain access to a private and dedicated community, connect with experienced small business owners, and find support from the What Works team. This is such a genius business idea! Venturing into the business world on your own is hard, and knowing you’re not alone makes a difference. Our very own Founder + CEO, Andrew Mendez-Spera, listens to this podcast to spark ideas that he can use within our brand and those that we serve. This podcast is such a useful option for those needing extra support or different ideas.

The Science of Social Media by Buffer

The Science of Social Media is a weekly podcast that explores best practices and insights from top social media marketing experts. The Science of Social Media is so interesting because they explain what’s trending, what companies are doing well on social media, and what your business should be keeping up with. This a must-listen if you need ideas for new ways to reach your audience on social media or just want to stay on-trend. They have an episode called “The Keys to Epic Engagement on Social Media”; need I say more?

If social media marketing isn’t the only thing you’re interested in, other categories they speak on include: Instagram marketing, social analytics, news and trends, and best apps and tools. Many companies are too busy or don’t have the resources to hire someone solely to focus on trends in marketing, pop culture, and what each generation is looking for. Well, guess what? You don’t have to. You can get basic information from this podcast. The creators recognized the need for this and have made a big splash in the marketing world.

The Marketing Companion by Mark Schaefer & Brooke Sellas

The third podcast I found to be a great resource for small business owners is called The Marketing Companion. According to, The Marketing Companion has been the world’s most entertaining business podcast for the past six years. This podcast is hosted by Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas, who have more than 50 years of marketing experience between them, and deliver insightful and creative commentary on the world of digital business.

The digital world has taken over, and we have no other option but to accept it and learn to succeed in marketing and business. Now with COVID-19, we’ve moved into an even more digital universe, turning to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other outlets to communicate with our co-workers and bosses. Not getting out of the house and being stuck at a computer all day may hinder your creativity. This podcast is the solution. Mark and Brooke give me Kelly and Regis vibes; they’re fun to listen to no matter what they’re talking about!

What’s your favorite podcast for small business owners? We’d love to hear from you. Share your favorites with us in the comments.

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