Holiday Marketing Ideas

Holiday Marketing Ideas

8 Tips for Marketing Your Business During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re looking for ways to get your business into the holiday spirit, I’ve got some great marketing ideas for you. These holiday marketing ideas will help boost your end of year sales and give you the joy of creating a deeper connection with your customers.

Use Holiday Imagery

Keep your social media feed festive! It’s important to stay active and timely on social media during the holidays, and holiday imagery is a great way to accomplish that. If your business has a brick-and-mortar storefront, show off those winter decorations and entice followers to come in and see how you’re welcoming in the season. If your business is eCommerce or doesn’t have a storefront, incorporating holiday stock photos from or creating winter-themed graphics using software like Canva, can also do the trick.


It’s important to keep those less fortunate in mind during the holiday season. One way to help those in need and spread holiday cheer is to adopt a family. The process is simple; find a local charity with an adopt-a-family program. Next, you’ll receive a wishlist of items for the family. Finally, your business can donate items on that list to the family for the holidays. Getting your customers involved is another great way to be impactful during the season and connect with customers individually. Post about the family and their needs on your social media channels with links for people to buy and send to you.

Winter Coat Drive

We all have that one coat that’s been hanging around for far too long. You know the one. As temperatures drop, there are plenty of people who could use that one to help get them through our frigid winters. You can run a winter coat drive yourself by collecting winter coats, hats, and gloves from employees and customers. Just set up a box and promote on social media. You’ll be surprised how many good people are ready to give back this year.

Ornament Exchange

Who doesn’t love a good ornament? Consider doing an ornament exchange. First, have some ornaments made with your company branding or logo on them. Get creative! Next, decorate a tree at your business with those ornaments. Then, allow customers to come in and exchange one of their ornaments for your company ornament. The ornament they receive is a memento of their time shopping at your store or eating in your restaurant. Keeping you on frame-of-mind every year they decorate. Bonus, your holiday tree is adorned with unique ornaments representing the love and appreciation your customers have for you.

#NotTodaySanta Photo Contest

If you celebrate Christmas, it’s almost a right-of-passage to take photos with Santa as a kid. Many of us remember long lines at the mall waiting to see Santa, giving him our list, and snapping a photo that makes its way on to the family holiday card. But, not every toddler is thrilled to see jolly old Saint Nick, and sometimes you just have to settle for the ‘tantrum’ photo. Wouldn’t this make for a great social media contest? Create a unique opportunity for customers to dig into the old photo album and share their holiday fails to gain some internet clout! You could offer a prize or just use a dedicated hashtag to bring some (hilarious) cheer to followers everywhere.

Offer a Reward

It’s no secret that this is the busiest time to shop all year. Why not give holiday shoppers another reason to stop into your store? Offering rewards such as a free gift with purchase is a great way to entice customers to shop with you. Think about it as they buy something for that person on their list and get a little something for themselves to boot! Remember, people are juggling sales from every small and major retailer out there. If you want to get on their radar, you have to give a little.

Gift Cards

If it’s between getting a gift card or those jeans from mom that are a size too small (because she’s hinting), most people would love the gift of a card with endless possibilities. If you don’t already have a gift card system in place, now is the time to get one. Many holiday shoppers will pick up a gift card for someone on their list so they can pick out the perfect gift for themselves and avoid the guesswork. Try running a ‘buy a $50 gift card, get a $10 bonus card’ this season. You’ll be securing an immediate sale while also prompting the purchaser to come back later themselves.


Tis’ the season of giving! Running a simple holiday giveaway is an easy way to give back to your followers while also boosting engagement on your social profiles. Choose an item or reward you think your followers can get excited about. Then, create a post announcing the giveaway with instructions on how to enter. A common example is to have participants comment on your post and tag two friends to enter. People will flock to your page and a lucky winner will be thrilled to get your product! Plus, any new followers you gain will see future marketing from your profiles. Instantly increasing brand awareness with your target audience.

Thanks for reading my list and checking it twice. I hope you’re feeling inspired to make the most of the holidays for your business! Remember, marketing doesn’t stop after the holidays. You can master the marketing of your business year-round by working with a reputable and award-winning marketing agency like Tipsy Social.

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