Let’s Face It, You Suck At Social Media (And That’s Okay!)

It’s easy to make a case for the importance of social media. I mean, have you seen the statistics lately? We won’t get scientific but we will highlight that at the end of 2016, 2.8 billion people were using social media with 83% of all Americans having a social media account. So why is this important to know? It’s simple, I’ve talked to many small business owners who are on two spectrums when it comes to social media. First, we have those that are too lost in the fog of their ego to realize they suck at social media. Second, are those that know they suck at social media and have no idea where to start. We’ll focus on the latter because the first ones will come crawling for help sooner rather than later… [read more]

Source: Let’s Face It, You Suck At Social Media (And That’s Okay!)

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