Marketing Strategy Solutions

Marketing strategy is the most important part of a business plan. It is a comprehensive set of elements that effectively differentiate a business from its competitors in the market. It does this by first analyzing the business's strength and weaknesses, and than capitalizing on the strengths and creating a strategy to address the weaknesses.

Elements of a Marketing Plan

External Environment

Regulatory, political, economic, social, and international.

Corporate Review

Mission statement, corporate vision, strategic intent, corporate plan, long-term goals, objectives such as profit, ROI, share price, and organizational chart

Product Category Review

General description (life cycle state, needs/wants specified), sales trends (years, seasonality, share of major brands), distribution profile, pricing overview, and packaging overview.

Competitive Analysis

Description of major competitors’ strengths/weaknesses.
1. product
2. distribution
3. pricing

Brand positioning and advertising.
1. media spending (by medium, seasonality)
2. sales promotion (trade vs. consumer)

Anticipated major programs (new/improved brands, new territories, changes in distribution, pricing, marketing communication).

Consumer Analysis

Customers/buyers vs. consumers/users (and influences), demographics and psychographics, purchase rate, brand loyalty analysis, and difference between brand and category users.

Brand Review

Current positioning, sales trends, performance test results, awareness, pricing history, distribution history, marketing communication history, stage in brand life cycle, source of additional business

SWOT Analysis

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, and External Threats and Opportunities.

Opportunity analysis

Potential areas of interest, exploitation, and discovery.

Problems analysis

Future barriers to overall plan. 

Marketing objectives

Sales, market share, etc.

Marketing strategies

Theoretically-based plans to complete objectives.

Targeting and segmenting

Pinpointing the target market and identifying segments most appropriate for the marketing objectives.

Identification or competitive advantage

Analyzing the advantages of a business's products or services over their competition.

Positioning and branding

Creating value for the consumer that is separate from similar products and companies.


Objectives (brand/line extensions, improvements, deletions)

Place (distribution)

Objectives (penetration, type outlets, geography, service level), channels, warehousing. and retailing c.


Objectives, strategy, and purpose.

Promotion (communication)

Personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, packaging, and direct marketing.

To see more about the marketing mix, click here.

Implementation Guidelines

A guide to successfully complete the overall goals of the marketing plan.


Projected outcomes of the plan.


The cost associated with each aspect of the marketing plan.

Scheduling and Timing

Dates & Times to measure the effectiveness of each aspect of the plan.


Collect results, analyze outcomes, and adjust the plan for the next phases.

Curating Your Plan

As marketing strategist we love developing effective marketing plans for our clients. Whether you be interested in a plan to accomplish specific goals, enter the market, or introduce a new product/service, we can help.

Our Marketing Plans can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to prepare dependent upon your intended outcome. We conduct research and surveys to ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date. Let us help you on your way to dominating your market. 

Ready to get started?

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More Solutions to Prepare the Market

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Integrated Marketing Communications is when all external communications and messaging are linked together to accomplish business goals. Integrated Marketing Communications, IMC, means integrating all the promotional tools so that they work together harmoniously.

Consumer Research

Consumer Research is an area of market research in which the preferences, motivations, and buying habits of target customers are analyzed and then strategic elements are integrated into your overall marketing plan to address the findings.