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3 Tips to Help Your Instagram Aesthetic

You’ve heard it since you were a child, “It’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s about what’s on the inside.” Though this uplifting wisdom is very relevant, it is not the case when it comes to Instagram aesthetic. Instagram is one of the many social media platforms where what you look like really does count.

Stats have shown that you have about 5-6 seconds to draw and keep the attention of the average scroller. Sounds impossible, huh? Well, it pretty much is. So how do you keep the attention of someone who stumbled across your Instagram profile? I thought you’d never ask. 

These three easy Instagram design tips will not only help grow your following but will create and sustain the message you are trying to convey about your overall brand.

Plan plan plan, and then, plan a little more.

Scheduling your Instagram posts lets you give a visual review of how each post will look side-by-side – allowing you to see how your overall feed comes together before ever going live with a post.

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy then two posts right next to each other that appear almost identical. This simple step will help you stay on-brand and on-theme with ease. Plus, it’ll help inspire you and guide you on what Instagram content to curate for future posts.

Pick an Instagram theme – an stick with it!

Your content needs to be consistent. Your messaging and the visual aesthetic of accompanying imagery helps to build and reinforce your brand’s voice.

The easiest solution –  Instagram presets. Presets allow you to generate content that correlates visually with ease. All you have to do is either download or purchase a preset package.

With Instagram presets you can edit content with a consistent style of lighting, borders, adjustments, filters, and much more. Consistently using the same preset will allow your feed to appear visually coherent. 

Last, but certainly not least, know who you are.

If you don’t know who you are, then how will others? This concept is imperative to the success of your Instagram aesthetic. You need to know your brand, and know it well, to produce and feature content that correlates with who you are, what you want to be, and how you want to portray that. 

When your brand has a cohesive voice and design on social media, you give it personality and generate natural connections with your audience.

That’s it, folks. These three Instagram Aesthetic tips will help you create and sustain a beautiful feed that scrollers will LOVE. After all, the more people interested in your brand – the more likely you are to reach your business goals.


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