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Tipsy Social Gold Davey Award

October 21, 2020


Tipsy Social came out victorious at the 16th Annual Davey Awards for their work on “Realize Your Possible,” a personal website aimed at creating a community where dreamers turn to make their dreams come true.

Listening to Small Business Podcasts at Coffee Shop

October 19, 2020

Three Must-Listen Podcasts for Small Business Owners

Podcasts are all the rage, and I’ve found three that are amazing at giving real, tangible solutions while also remaining entertaining and fun for small business owners.

Instagram Story Highlights

October 14, 2020

Instagram Story Highlights: A Social Media Secret Weapon

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Instagram story highlights and how local businesses can use them to address concerns surrounding COVID-19.

LaterCon 2020 Website Mockup

October 12, 2020

Key Takeaways from LaterCon 2020

Recapping LaterCon 2020 with key takeaways from the popular speakers and panelists that shared social strategy advice, tips, and industry predictions for 2021.

iphone user on tiktok for business

October 9, 2020

Should my business be on TikTok?

Should my business be on TikTok? The short answer… no, not just yet. You may have heard how the social media platform, TikTok, is all the rage right now; how every business is eager to hop on and get started making TikToks for their business in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. It’s

New Partner Spotlight: Helen Piteo Interiors

September 21, 2020

New Partner: Helen Piteo Interiors, LLC

Helen Piteo-Varrone and her team bring more than 30 years of design experience in residential, commercial, healthcare, and model home designs to clients throughout the Eastern seaboard. HPI’s success is a result of orchestrating, harmonizing and incorporating budget, style, and vision.

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