Drop Everything and Focus on Nano-Influencers…

Female Instagram Nano-Influencer

Ever feel like trends in your industry are moving too fast? Yeah, me too. Just 3 weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Using Micro-Influencers for Small Business and explained how to find and work with the right micro-influencer for your brand. I thought I was giving our readers an innovative, ahead of the curve, way to market their business. Fast forward to now, Daily Carnage, a daily marketing industry email, sends me an email saying to forget micro-influencers. It’s all about nano-influencers.

A nano-influencer is a micro-influencer – just on an even smaller scale. With only 1,000 to 5,000 followers, a nano-influencer is even closer with followers than a micro-influencer would be. A nano-influencer is more likely to share your brand with their audience for a free meal or a ticket to your fair, instead of monetary compensation. 

I’m going to end this post here so I can get back to anticipating the next big marketing trend. Go look into your local nano-influencers and let us know what you find! Check out my micro-influencer piece to learn more about finding influencers, getting them involved, and managing expectations. 

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