This Upstate NY Sticker Company is Taking the World by Storm

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Sticker Mule takes Custom Products to A Whole New level

Sticker Mule, an extremely fast-growing custom sticker company out of Amsterdam, New York, aims to build an incredible experience for ordering custom made products online. Free shipping, four-day turnaround time, free artwork help, and free digital proofs, are just some of the reasons why this brand stands out among its competitors.

More About Sticker Mule

Their team is made up of like-minded individuals in 17 countries, 4 continents, and 11 states, making their staff as diverse as the customers they serve. Sticker Mule’s commitment to its employees and customers goes beyond their awesome products, incentives, and organizational structure. It’s rooted in a creative, out-of-the-box, culture and approach to compensation that has allowed them to grow at their own pace and truly make a positive impact in their direct and indirect relationships.

Why I Choose Them

Most recently, Sticker Mule made headlines for committing to a $1000 bonus for every employee as they close out a successful 2019. Additionally, it looks like moving into 2020, we can expect more promotions and contests further emphasizing their customer-first approach.

I believe that a company that does right by its employees and customers, even when it may impact bottom-line, is a company worth participating in. I truly value their unique and fun brand voice, the quality of their product, and their willingness to get involved in the buying process.

Unlike many of their competitors, Sticker Mule will work with you to hone your custom sticker design and make sure that you’re paying for what you need, not specifically what you order. A very unique and really appreciated approach. Not only have we used them to print our custom stickers, but we’ve had buttons, coasters, and magnets made. Each time they have arrived extremely fast and exceeded our expectations.

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

If you’re looking to make an impact with custom promotional products, I implore you to give Sticker Mule a try. You can even order a sample pack for only $1 to get a better understanding of their varying product offerings or a custom sample pack of any of their products for just $9.

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