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Optimize Your Website to Accomplish Business Goals

Website Optimization is where we analyze a website and find ways that it can be improved to better accomplish business goals and serve customers. Websites are a pivotal tool in every business and ensuring that it is optimized to address the customer journey can be the difference between converting customers and turning them towards your competition.

  • ­We optimize headings, call-to-actions, forms, formatting, and content.
  • ­We organize navigation, share functionality, product/service displays, and more.
  • ­We implement features and technical optimization to improve user experience and conversion rates.

The benefit to Website Optimization is that it allows small businesses the ability to update their current website feature without the financial investment of a website redesign. Optimization is key to ensuring that a website continues to work overtime and introduce new features and industry changes.

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    Elements of Website Optimization


    Content Optimization

    Optimizing the content of a website ensures that the bulk of a business site works cohesively to accomplish goals. We make changes to the website's format, copy and media to present information to your audience better. We also integrate and update features that help capture visitor information or prompt them to follow through with your goals. Here are just a few of the content optimizations we make:

    • Updating Headings & Subheadings
    • Modifying Media Items
    • Simplifying Website Copy
    • Updating Displays & Text Format
    • Changing & Implementing Call-to-Actions
    • Editing Forms & Popups
    • Updating for Mobile Readiness
    • Increasing Contact Points
    • and much more!

    Technical Optimization

    The front-end of your website, or part that is displayed to your audience, is only as good as the framework it is built on. Websites that take a long time to load, aren't mobile-friendly, or have issues with responsive navigation can cause potential customers to give up on viewing your content. We optimize the backend of websites so that they present information quickly, appropriately, and with trust. Here are just a few ways we optimize the backend of websites:

    • Decreasing Load Times
    • Minimizing Images & Videos
    • Updating Software
    • Changing Site Navigation
    • Integrating Safety Measures
    • Updating Forms & Buttons
    • Fixing Broken Links
    • and much more!
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